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Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE abusively intimidates a patient with threats

Above are links to my blog at where I disucss a variety of serious problems at Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where Dr. Gerlinda Lucas has attempted to intimidate me and my very sick friend by theatening to discontinue free life-saving treatment as retribution for me making completely reasonable and valid compalints about quality of healthcare issues at the hospital. Issues like doctors being rude and uncooperative and not being willing to even listen to critical information about signs and symptoms of the patient that I have observed as the patient's primary caregiver.

The hospital has refused to cooperate with me in the best interests of the patient and has reiterated their unethical threats over aperiod of more than a year.

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New location for the mythicaldude blog is

The NEW location is:

You may as well change your bookmarks and favorites and if you link to me you should change the link to

The Mythicaldude Blog's content at this location will remain in place here until late July of 2010, but there will be no new posts made here, or any other content changes at all starting today - January 19, 2010.

All new Mythicaldude Blog posts and other content will be at the new site and new location.

Please visit the new site (still under construction, but fundementally sound (we think).

Thank you for visiting, but you are in the wrong placed as of this moment.

It is ALL happening at

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Happy New Year!

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NEW photo essay: Black Wood - Dirty Hands: Charcoal Vendors in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

- ALSO published at

NEW photo essay: Pchum Ben at Wat Sarawan

NEW photo essay: TB Patients: Coughing in Cambodia

- ALSO published at

♦ Now a proud member of SEA/collectiv, a new photographer's collective.

♦ New updates on my blog at mythicaldude.

Nothing new at all on my photoblog at, but there will be later this week...

Updated information on my profile page at Lightstalkers.

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Photography things are happening a lot at the moment

I joined SEA/collectiv, a new photographer's collective for photographers.


We have a page on Lightstalkers, and I have updated my personal page on Lightstalkerswhere I have started to load-up a nice little Flash-based portfolio as well.

My photo essay about TB patients in Cambodia was selected as this week's top story at JPG Magazine. Just a few weeks after it was seleced as a front page feature story at where I also updated my Demotix profile page.

Also a slideshow of my photo essay Pchum Ben at Wat Sarawan.

My photo essay on Pchum Ben at Wat Sarawan is also now on JPG Magazine.

There is also a slideshow of my photos of the Abbey Road Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

I've also stared to clean-up and update my website at

And I've got some cool new business cards that now need to be updatd yet again to show the SEA/collectiv website.


2010 Biz Card TTEST FINAL 999999999_NxO



2010 Biz Card MAIN



2010 Biz Card CURIOUS


2010 Biz Card FUNNY STUFF



2010 Biz Card EATING FINAL 99999999_NxO


Oh, and here is the tasty new SEA/collectiv business card.


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Intending to fill out some meat on top of this skeletal structure:

~ Photogaphy
~ Philotography
~ Poetography

~ Buddhism
~ Some sort of business plan

~ Our half-baked world

~ Government gone awry

~ Books, movies, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, etc.

~ Whatever happened to playing my guitar?

~ Cultural imperialism, cutural oppression cultural analysis

~ Bullshit & Great Ideas!
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Back in San Francisco

Hoo boy. I'm back. After 18 months of backpacking around SE Asia its a bit of an adjustment to return to a place and find that you've changed significantly and that it hasn't.


The air is too dry and its giving me chapped lips and very dry skin, so now I'm a big consumer of skin lotion and lip balm.

The food is spiced strangely, the portions are too big and the ration of meat to vegetables is way too high.

Not so surprisingly, everything is very expensive.

Everyone seems to be quite locked-in to their own groove in life.


I feel more relaxed, calm and centered. I have a killer suntan and I'm more fit and toned, with improvd posture.

I certainly feel less attached to things and more in touch with my feelings.