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Photography things are happening a lot at the moment

I joined SEA/collectiv, a new photographer's collective for photographers.


We have a page on Lightstalkers, and I have updated my personal page on Lightstalkerswhere I have started to load-up a nice little Flash-based portfolio as well.

My photo essay about TB patients in Cambodia was selected as this week's top story at JPG Magazine. Just a few weeks after it was seleced as a front page feature story at where I also updated my Demotix profile page.

Also a slideshow of my photo essay Pchum Ben at Wat Sarawan.

My photo essay on Pchum Ben at Wat Sarawan is also now on JPG Magazine.

There is also a slideshow of my photos of the Abbey Road Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

I've also stared to clean-up and update my website at

And I've got some cool new business cards that now need to be updatd yet again to show the SEA/collectiv website.


2010 Biz Card TTEST FINAL 999999999_NxO



2010 Biz Card MAIN



2010 Biz Card CURIOUS


2010 Biz Card FUNNY STUFF



2010 Biz Card EATING FINAL 99999999_NxO


Oh, and here is the tasty new SEA/collectiv business card.


Tags: cambodia, mythicaldude, photography

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