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New location for the mythicaldude blog is http://mythicaldude.net
photography, photographer, travel, mythicaldude, Asia
The NEW location is: http://mythicaldude.net

You may as well change your bookmarks and favorites and if you link to me you should change the link to http://mythicaldude.net.

The Mythicaldude Blog's content at this location will remain in place here until late July of 2010, but there will be no new posts made here, or any other content changes at all starting today - January 19, 2010.

All new Mythicaldude Blog posts and other content will be at the new site and new location.

Please visit the new site (still under construction, but fundementally sound (we think).

Thank you for visiting, but you are in the wrong placed as of this moment.

It is ALL happening at


Please go now.

Thank you very much!