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Back in San Francisco
photography, photographer, travel, mythicaldude, Asia
Hoo boy. I'm back. After 18 months of backpacking around SE Asia its a bit of an adjustment to return to a place and find that you've changed significantly and that it hasn't.


The air is too dry and its giving me chapped lips and very dry skin, so now I'm a big consumer of skin lotion and lip balm.

The food is spiced strangely, the portions are too big and the ration of meat to vegetables is way too high.

Not so surprisingly, everything is very expensive.

Everyone seems to be quite locked-in to their own groove in life.


I feel more relaxed, calm and centered. I have a killer suntan and I'm more fit and toned, with improvd posture.

I certainly feel less attached to things and more in touch with my feelings.